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Meet Kendall County's newest deputy, 'Tiny Tim'

Tiny Tim's job is to bring smiles to everyone he meets.

KENDALL COUNTY, Texas — There's a new deputy in Kendall County. And let's just say, they might be the most popular employee the county has ever hired.

His name is Tiny Tim and he is an 8-week old rescue Nigerian Dwarf Goat. He was born handicapped; his front right leg did not completely form, and it's about two inches shorter than his other legs.

Of course, Tiny Tim doesn't know he is different as he runs, jumps and plays like other goats. And now he has a job -- to just be a goat who brings smiles and comfort to the Kendall County family. 

He even visits inmates in the jail and has reportedly had a wonderful affect on those who have met him.

Deputy Tiny Tim is not at the office daily anymore, but likes to make special appearances and visit with everyone.

See the full Facebook post here.

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