Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

That’s this wheelchair racing duo’s motto.

Bonded by their love for adventure, two San Antonians are overcoming all odds this weekend, as one friend pushes the other 26 miles to the finish line.

Ross Ormond has run his share of marathons, he’s an ultra marathon runner. But this weekend’s Rock N Roll marathon will be different.

Ormond will be pushing along his good friend, Andrew McAllister.

“I thought might as well, I bet you we could find a way to do this,” said Ormond.

See, McAllister has cerebral palsy and has always wanted to feel the rush of finishing a race.

“I have aches and pains because of my physical challenges,” said McAllister. But I don’t let that stop me.”

McAllister also just so happens to be the founder of the Believe It Foundation, a local non-profit with a mission to include children with physical disabilities into the lives and experiences of their typical peers.

It’s an unlikely bond, Ormond being an Aggie, and McAllister is a Longhorn.

Still, two hope this will inspire others with disabilities to do the same, and through McAllister’s foundation, they can. If you are interested in running a race with someone with a disability, contact the foundation here.