SAN ANTONIO-- If you are looking to satisfy that sweet tooth then how about a scoop of cookie dough.

"Some people are just shocked. They come in thinking its ice cream and, so when they come in to find out its cookie dough, they end up really liking it,” Viva la Dough, co-owner, Angelica Rodriguez said.

Only open for six months now, Viva la Dough, is playing on that childhood nostalgia.

"For us it was just something that was very comforting. With my Mom and my Grandma, growing up in the restaurant business it's like we are always eating together like a family," Rodriguez said.

Angelica Rodriguez and her Mom, Krista, run the new business, which doesn't have the traditional cookie dough you've been told to stay away from.

"Ours is made with a specialized heat treated flour, which makes it safe to eat, and of course we use no eggs what so ever. There aren't even any eggs in the building…So you can really eat as much as you want and we definitely do," Rodriguez said.

Their flavors play on childhood favorites like chocolate chip and sugar cookie.

However, Angelica’s Mom is always dreaming up new creations.

"We always have a Mom's choice so that's usually our go to flavor of the day. Whatever my Mom is feeling, we'll throw it together and see how people like it,” Rodriguez said.

"A lot of people come in and end up getting addicted to it, and it's kind of like that homey feel. That's why we call it Mom's choice. We want you to feel at home,” Rodriguez said.

But, the flavor that keeps people coming back is the "Big Five Dough", which is their cookies and cream flavor named after one of their favorite Spurs, David Robinson.

"It's really an homage to San Antonio, to the Spurs, something that we honestly we've kept since day one. We never swapped that flavor out. Everyone comes in they love it," Rodriguez said.