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Made in S.A.: Chocollazo truffles stand out with artistic twist

Chocolate meets art at Chocollazo in San Antonio.

SAN ANTONIO — You can find truffles, candy, and plated sweets at Chocollazo on Broadway near Hildebrand.

"I knew I just wanted to be a haven for desserts," Chocollazo, owner/chocolatier, Mary Collazo said.

Chocollazo offers sweets that almost look too pretty to eat.

Mary Collazo, the woman who dreamt up the sweet spot.

When asked, Chocollazo is that kind of a spin on your last name?

Collazo responded: "Exactly! The name came to me before I had even taken any chocolate classes."

Before Mary had even thought up Chocollazo she was pounding away in the corporate world.

"I was in the health insurance industry. Very corporate and buttoned up for the first 13 years of my career," Collazo said.

However, as she approached her 30's she began craving something sweeter.

“I have a desire to do something different and creative,” Collazo said. "That's when I started to look. What do I like to do? And I love to eat, and I am good at it. And I really didn't know where to go from there because I really didn't have one lick of culinary experience."

She chose to study the art of chocolate making getting a culinary degree as a chocolatier online.

"I know crazy culinary school online," Collazo said.

Graduating in 2013, she took the leap and opened her first food truck, stocked with plated sweet and truffles.

However, it wasn't until she landed her brick and mortar location off Broadway that she began focusing on her new found love of chocolate making and started putting her own spin on it.

"Brown is not my favorite color. In fact, it's probably my least favorite color,” Collazo said. "And there are so many cool decorating techniques and products that are totally safe and edible."

This child of the 80's finding inspiration from her childhood.

"I just inherently still love all those neon colors,” Collazo said.

“It's my favorite part of the job is decorating the truffles and coming up with how I am going to decorate it. I really love tapping into that art wrinkle in my brain and trying new things," Collazo said.

Mary's chocolate art and flavors like balsamic fig, hot hatch chili or rose setting her apart from other chocolatiers.

"Our customers are really supportive and really encourage us in always wanting to know what's next,” Collazo said.

A love of chocolate making that's lead to a thriving business, discovered much later in life, but the payoff just as sweet.

"I love being a business owner. I was not a born entrepreneur. I became an entrepreneur at age 32 and I can't see doing anything different,” Collazo said.