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LULAC calls on FBI to investigate death of Fort Hood soldier

LULAC requesting the FBI's involvement in the investigation surrounding the death of an Army Pvt.

SAN ANTONIO — The League of United American Citizens or LULAC, demanding transparency Friday, in the investigation into the circumstances surrounding the March 13th  death of 21 year-old Army Private Ana Basaldua Ruiz. 

"We overall [want] justice and compassion for the family of Ana Fernanda," LULAC National Sergeant Arms- Killeen, Analuisa Tapia said.

The organization questioning the Army Criminal Investigation Division's  statement made on Pvt. recent death.

"For the Army to say "no foul play" presumes facts that have not yet been brought forth. For the Army to say "no foul play" would also indicate a tone deafness to the concerns of the father and the mother of Ana Fernanda Basaldua Ruiz, who stated that she had been the target of alleged sexual harassment," LULAC national communications director, David Cruz said. "LULAC wants those facts looked into, those statements reviewed, the parties who were involved allegedly spoken to and we want it done by an outside entity."

Today LULAC sending a letter formally requesting the FBI consider opening a case into the death of the Army Private, as required under the Vanessa Guillen Act that was signed into law in 2021. 

"Anna Fernanda may she rest in glory and we are going to be here and we are going to seek every level of accountability until we find out the whole truth and nothing but the truth," LULAC National Sergeant Arms- Killeen, Analuisa Tapia said.

LULAC eluding to statements Basaldua Ruiz's family made that the Army is investigating the private's death as a suicide and that she was allegedly the victim of  continuous sexually harassment on base. 

Although, that has yet to be confirmed by the military, who has said they are investigating the alleged claims of harassment.

"We would like the military to implement and really do it in the spirit and the letter of the law. The President signed both the Vanessa Guillen Act and the Branding Act into law and we have been in conversations with the Department of Defense and are very concerned that these measures have not been implemented," LULAC national communications director, David Cruz said.

LULAC standing in the same spot outside Fort Hood, where they stood three years ago fighting to find answers for Army Specialist Vanessa Guillen. Whose disappearance  from the military base in 2020, later lead to the discovery of her murder at the hands of another military member.

"LULAC has not changed its position. The safety of our service members is a requirement within the ranks if they continue to want to recruit our young men and women, our sons and daughters, our husbands and wives and our loved ones," LULAC national communications director, David Cruz said. "So that is a statement we want to reiterate today on the same spot."

LULAC promising to continue to push for answers until the truth is brought to light.

"Our service members are one of our most valuable treasures and anything that harms them harms us," LULAC National Sergeant Arms- Killeen, Analuisa Tapia said. 

LULAC did say the family of Basaldua Ruiz was not in attendance Friday because they are focusing on funeral arrangements for their daughter. 

The organization did add that they have also requested a meeting at the Pentagon with the Under Secretary of the Army as well as the General in charge of recruiting for for the first week of April, but have requested to move that up to this coming week. 



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