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LOVE MY JOB: Southwest Airlines worker puts in 35 years as customer service agent

SAN ANTONIO--  Seven days a week people are hard at work, clocking in and out.

SAN ANTONIO-- Seven days a week people are hard at work, clocking in and out.

And for some, the love of their job has kept them in the same position with no plans of leaving.

Before the first plane takes flight at the San Antonio International Airport, Barbra Ott is greeting Southwest customers with a smile. "Southwest has been good to me and I feel like I'm the luckiest person in the whole world," Southwest Airlines Customer Service Agent, Barbra Ott said.

Since 1981 she's worked as a Customer Service Agent for the airline. "I was very young when I started and have enjoyed every minute of it," Ott said.

Ott has been with the company for 35 years now. Ott said she started in reservations, and now has thousands of destinations logged and hundreds of interactions, although some, she said, were not so pleasant.

But with her years of experience, Ott has learned how to handle what comes her way. "You have to put yourself in their place, in their shoes and imagine yourself going through what they're going through and having a lot of empathy," Ott said.

Her secret to sticking around for so long?

"Working is not easy but it's all about attitude and if you come to work and have the right attitude you are going to have a good day,” Ott said. "That's my plan for me, for my customers, for my coworkers."

And although she's seen many colleagues come and go, Ott said the love for her job drives her stay.

"It's been awesome," Ott said. "I would love to do another 35."