SAN ANTONIO — Changing the whole world seems to be a bit a stretch until you meet people like Susie Beemer. She’s an eighteen-year-old Cornerstone Christian School senior, who has already traveled to more than twenty-five countries in five different continents and has flown around the world three times.

Her impressive adventures were far from leisure. Susie has devoted every year of her school-aged life to serving the less fortunate as a missionary venturing to the most dangerous, poverty-stricken nations and cities on the globe.

As she approaches graduation, she also inches closer to her lifelong pursuit of a degree in International Law that would allow her to pave the way for other missionaries to effectively deliver supplies and aid across foreign borders.

She was recently accepted into a Hillsong South Africa internship, which will further train her in this field. She’s calling on her community to help her raise funds for this great work.

To support Susie Beemer, you can click this Go Fund Me link.