SCHERTZ — A San Antonio man who competed in the Special Olympics this year is showing off the shiny medals he won at the competition.

The talented tennis player is also “acing” his day job.

Every day, thousands of boxes move through the Amazon fulfillment center in Schertz.

Odds are high that employee Leonard Flowers had a hand in getting your order in or out of the building.

While he explains the noisy and intricate equipment at his job, you’ll notice his big smile and warm personality.

As for the silver medals around his neck, there is a story behind those awards.

“This right here is my medals I got in singles. I got second place. I got to the finals as you can see. Here I got my silver medal for which I played in doubles, I also got to the finals. So I did pretty good,” said Flowers. “I’m proud of what I’ve done. I’ve got a lot of people being supportive of what I’ve accomplished.”

Flowers is back from a trip to Seattle where he competed in the Special Olympics 2018 USA Games.

A Brackenridge High School grad, Flowers is no stranger to sports. He played basketball, football and tennis as a teen. He participated in the Special Olympics in 1999, shooting hoops back then.

With the opportunity to return with a racket in hand, the athlete was ready to show off his serious serve.

“[The] trip was awesome,” said Flowers. “You can meet people from every other place. The competition is great, I just love being able to compete, no matter what sport it is.”

Back in Texas with bragging rights, Leonard’s Amazon family found a way to show their support and pride in his accomplishments.

“When I got here I was surprised with a gold medal and they said I would always be a gold medal to them,” said Flowers. “It was a very special moment for me.”

Flowers says he’s ready to train for the next Special Olympics competition.