Deco Pizzeria is spreading its unique pizza recipes and restaurant decor all over San Antonio.

In August of 2018, the company opened a second location on Babcock Road on the northwest side. The restaurant brought over much of the original look and style of the flagship location on Fredericksburg Road, but with some added glitz and glam. The vibrant colors and neon lights brings a distinctly Miami flavor to the busy Medical Center area.

"What does it remind you of when you walk into Deco Pizzeria? All the lights, the colors, the flamingos, the palm trees, so you have a little bit of the Deco arts that you will see in Miami," General Manager Amelia Nanez said.

The restaurant also plans to bring its deco style to yet another San Antonio borough. Their third location will open in 2019 on Southeast Military Road on the south side.

"We will have a little bit of a longer bar, a different shape, but the same idea. we are sharing Deco District there as well," Nanez said.

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