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Local man donating pools to S.A. kids extends travels to East Coast

Todd Arredondo hopes to spread the message behind his nonprofit organization while keeping kids cool across the country.

A local man is continuing his mission to help less fortunate kids stay cool this summer.

Eyewitness News first introduced you to Todd Arredondo in 2016. We talked to him about how a social media post inspired him to help kids. Arredondo saw a picture of a family with their makeshift pool. The kids were sitting in the bed of the truck and a tarp was underneath them to hold water. Arredondo decided he wanted to donate an inflatable pool to them after seeing the comments that mocked the family.

"We found them, delivered it to them and I got home and wanted to do it for five more families," recalled Arredondo. "Long story short, to date, we've helped more than 350 families nationwide with swimming pools."

Arredondo said his group called Pools for Kids officially become a non-profit organization last year. While his main focus is helping families in the San Antonio area, Arredondo plans to help other kids across the country. He traveled to the West Coast last year, and this summer he is hoping to reach families on the East Coast.

As of now, he posts on the organization's Facebook page about which cities he'll be in to deliver pools. Eventually, he would like Pools for Kids to be large enough to where other nonproift organization and churches can help him distribute them to families.

"We're helping kids stay cool. They're having fun, but [the goal is] also to give them an understanding that you can return the favor and help someone out, whether you become a millionaire or not. Whatever resources you have, help someone in need," said Arredondo. "A little bit of kindness will go a long way."

Arredondo said he pays out of pocket for gas and hotels. He said the organization still needs $3,500 for the east coast trip this summer. If you would like to help Pools for Kids, click here.