SAN ANTONIO — A cold and wet day didn’t stop people from getting out Sunday morning to bless others. 

Drizzle and cloudy skies covered the downtown area near Centro Plaza, but a group of volunteers set to make it a little brighter through an event they called ‘210 Day.’

“We had about 60 to 80 coats because it’s one of the coldest days of the year! It was really good to see them be able to bundle up and be a little warmer than they were yesterday.” 

That person, who only goes by Steele, was born and raised right here in San Antonio and said ’210 Day’ was about spreading love in the Alamo City by giving back to the homeless every February tenth. 

“It was amazing, I mean, some of them were crying; some were happy; some of them really didn’t know how to react because they are not used to that, ” Steele said. 

With the help of local organizations and his ‘210 Day’ co-founder Angie, Steele passed out more than one hundred ‘blessing bags’ filled with things like deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes and hand wipes. 

But they didn’t stop there. 

They also gave out socks, gloves, coats- and a meal- to help spread some warmth on days like today. 

“One of the ladies- she was actually sitting down feeding one of the homeless guys. It was really amazing,” Steele said. 

By giving back to those who live here too but are often overlooked, he hopes to spread awareness that people who are less fortunate are not forgotten. 

“As far as someone wanting to help or wondering should they help or not, just put yourself in that position. No matter how this person got on the streets, they are on the streets. There is nothing we can do about it now. Give a helping hand.. do it because God put it in your heart.”

Those who want to give to the project can contact Levels Lifestyle Owner and 210 Day Founder Steele at 210-782-1292 or on Instagram at steelepoet1. They can also reach out to Levels Lifestyle Assistant and 210 Day Co-Founder Angie on Instagram at ang_e210.