Double-meat hamburgers with gooey mac and cheese between the buns and poblano peppers with homemade chipotle mayo smothered on bacon strips? 

Yes, the description does exist, and you can grab a bite at Maniacs food truck located at The Block SA on 14530 Roadrunner Way.

"We put the meat, the mac and cheese on top, another patty of meat, and more mac and cheese," said Maniacs Owner Walter Schlebach. 

And let's not forget the side-options, like the loaded fries with ranch and bacon bits covered in Maniac seasoning. The side pairs well with the large burger that typically takes two hands to enjoy.

"You're like, 'I have to have it. I desire to have that burger,'' said Schlebach.

We could tell you more about the menu options, but you'll just have to watch the video to find out more. Or you can visit Maniacs and taste the food firsthand! We sure did.

Bring your tupperware because you'll want to make multiple meals out of your visit.