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Live beehive rescued, relocated from home in Manor

The American Honey Bee Protection Agency is responsible for relocating the bees.

MANOR, Texas — The American Honey Bee Protection Agency (AFHBPA) is warning residents about the summer season that brings out honey bees in strong numbers.  

In Manor, Texas, one resident received quite the surprise with a colony of bees that moved into their two-story home. AHBPA founder Walter Schumacher safely rescued the honey bees out of scaffolding and will relocate them. 

The honey bees will be relocated to one of AHBPA's local apiaries, where the bees will be rehabilitated and brought back to healthy honey production levels.

According to the AHBPA, honey bees pollinate more than 100 types of crops in the country. 

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“Our mission is to protect the feral honey bee from extinction through education, relocation and legislation,” said Schumacher.

The AHBPA is dedicated to saving and protecting the future of our nation’s bee population. Without the honey bee, the state of Texas could lose billions of dollars in agricultural production, not to mention the ecological detriment of losing a keystone species.

WATCH: Live beehive extracted from Manor, Texas home


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