For three weeks, a Leon Valley family has been looking for their missing Yorkie service dog named Frankie. Amy Ramirez, the matriarch of the family, suffers from Lupus, and she desperately wants whoever has Frankie to return him home.

"He's there with me as soon as I walk in the door. He's on my lap the whole time," said Ramirez. She was diagnosed with Lupus five years ago and Frankie helps her through her chemo as her therapy dog. She told us, "He takes care of me and making sure I'm okay, just making sure you stay normal, that you are calm and relaxed, and you are not worried or anxious about what's happening."

But the whole family has been nervous and anxious about what's happening since January 23rd when Frankie and his sister, Poppy got out of the yard through a small opening in the fence they didn't know was there. Her husband Monte said, "The big dog pushed it out. When you realize it is something as small and simple as a little dog that can make things better then you have to embrace it."

I asked Amy and Monte's kids, Desi and Raiden, if they miss him. They said, "Yes sir, we really do. He's like a friend. He carries our hearts. Everywhere he goes, he so special."

The family misses Frankie so much they are even offering a $1,500 reward, no questions asked, to get Frankie home. "We are offering the reward just in hopes that it will give somebody an incentive, and to emphasize how much he is loved and we want him home," Ramirez said.

They've searched on Pawboost, and posted signs on their cars and all around Leon Valley. So far, they've had no luck, but they hope this story helps get their pup back where he belongs. "He plays such a vital role in the healing and doing better that I beg you to please bring him home," Ramirez said.

The family says if you have any information about where Frankie may be, you can call 210-602-5644, or 210-846-3274. You can also email them at or You can also check out Amy's Facebook page.