SAN ANTONIO -- The halls are alive with the sound of music inside San Antonio's district five senior center: Percussion to be exact.

Senior citizens go there to take advantage of Urban 15's music classes twice a week, where they learn to play bells, drums tambourine and other instruments.

Rafael Flores is the conga drummer at his church.

"At church, of course you have the lyrics," he said. "This is no singing, which is good, because a lot of us sound like bad breaks going down hill so maybe it's better that we don't sing."

George Cisneros teaches the classes. He said they can be big stress relievers for students like Flores.

"You can't think about the IRS, you can't think about your bills and you can't talk about CPS. You're just right there in the zone," said Cisneros. "That's that purity of energy that comes from music and dance."

Cisneros led his group through several warm-ups and songs during their hour-and-a-half session.

"It's not easy to take someone that's a late in life drummer and all the sudden they're performing in a matter of weeks in public and you have to give a lot of energy to people to do that," Cisneros said. "The energy you get back is so high. It takes me 45 minutes to come back to earth after I leave this classroom usually, and that's a great feeling."

The classes are Tuesday and Thursday mornings at district five's senior center, and any senior is welcome to join.