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Exclusive | A killer's claims: Convicted cop murderer opens up about trial, confession, dying in prison

Otis McKane said not a day goes by on Texas' death row that he doesn't think about being executed. His appeal to stop it is just starting.

Marvin Hurst

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Published: 6:34 PM CST December 13, 2021
Updated: 2:39 PM CST December 15, 2021

The law gives boundaries and consequences when you step outside of the lines. Otis McKane crossed the line in a way that made even the vicious cringe.

Five years ago, San Antonio Police Detective Benjamin Marconi was conducting a routine traffic stop near SAPD headquarters when he was ambushed with gunfire. 

Investigators said McKane lashed out at Marconi because he was angry at SAPD for not intervening in a civil custody matter.

The detective was shot twice on Nov. 20, 2016, and died. Police zeroed in on a man who previously visited their headquarters to file a report about a custody issue. 

That man was McKane, who was married less than 24 hours after the killing.

Before he could honeymoon, McKane was arrested and confessed to the media as well as police detectives that he'd "lashed out at the wrong person."

On July 26 of this year, a Bexar County jury convicted him of capital murder. Several days later, he received the death penalty.

The convicted killer agreed to talk with Eyewitness News about everything but the details of his appeal. 

"Everybody might not see things my way. You know, everybody has an opinion," McKane said.

He sat for an hour talking through a glass barrier and over a phone available to prison visitors because McKane said he wanted to share his story until the day he died. 

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