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New clue in search for missing three-year-old Lina Sardar Khil

Lina's family shared a photo taken the day the girl disappeared, almost one month ago.

SAN ANTONIO — There is a brand-new clue in the case of a missing 3-year-old. A representative for the family, Pamela Allen, shared a new photo with KENS 5. She said the photo was taken of Lina Sardar Khil the same day she vanished.

It was four weeks ago Monday when Lina went missing from her northwest side apartment playground. Since then, searches have turned up empty. An Amber Alert is no longer in effect.  The FBI and SAPD are still on the case. The search for Lina is stretching into one month.

Dottie Laster is the former director of the Heidi Search Center. She now as her own organization Trafficking Victim Rescue Central.

"As time goes on this case gets worse, not better," Laster said. "As a community, we don't know where this little girl is, but we are never going to stop asking."

Lina, who will turn four next month, disappeared from a playground on December 20. An AMBER Alert was issued but has since been called off. The FBI and SAPD are still calling it a missing person's case. The last update from SAPD came ten days ago. Before the police chief has said they do not have evidence to suspect foul play and are not treating this as an abduction. But Laster said the status of this case needs to change.

"I hear the chief saying we are not looking at her as a criminal investigation yet," she said. "I appreciate that. However, the fact she hasn't been found would lead me to believe that it needs to be looked at as a criminal investigation. Almost the proof of not finding her is proof that something has gone wrong."

As for the picture, Allen said that was the outfit Lina was wearing along with the jewelry. The bracelets are blue plastic and gold-tone.  She was wearing an article around her neck known as the 'taweez' that has verses from the Quran.


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