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Exclusive: Bexar County Deputy Constable calls indecency claims against him a reckless lie

A vitamin store worker accuses Adam Salazar of making unlawful advances on her. The 36-year-old calls the accusation a reckless lie.

SAN ANTONIO — Adam Salazar is trying to rid himself of criminal accusations. But his court dates keep getting reset. The 36-year-old is typically on the other side of the line as a Bexar County Deputy Constable.

He turned himself in last December on a charge of indecent assault. The husband and father of three said he was unaware that San Antonio police issued a warrant for his arrest before being jailed for twelve hours with no bond.

"I cried, and I cried unto the Lord because he's the only one that can vindicate me from this hour," Salazar said.

He sat in the Bexar County Detention Center, wondering what would happen to his law enforcement career. Salazar works at precinct 1 for  Bexar County Constable Ruben Tejeda. 

"Am I ever going to wear that uniform again? How far is this lie going to go?" he said. 

Church life, community perception, and family life were also in question for the deputy constable of nine years.

According to court documents, an employee at the Vitamin Shoppe at 2350 SW Military Drive said Salazar was a regular customer. But on February 3, 2020, she said he crossed the line.

The woman said an aroused Salazar followed her into a restricted area, put his hands on her torso, and kissed her neck for ten-fifteen seconds. The victim told investigators she could feel his slobber on her neck as she tried pushing him off.

In a forty-minute interview, Salazar addressed the accusations:

Marvin: So married? Three kids. Nine years at the constable's office. How in the world did you become the target of an indecent assault investigation?  

Salazar: I really believe in my heart---that it does go back to wearing the uniform. Right now, there's been a war on law enforcement, on police. It's been--it's a different era right now. And any little mishap, any little infringement, you know, especially wearing the uniform, the repercussions are a lot different.

Salazar said the alleged victim invited him to the rear of the store to get supplement samples for his boxing pastime. He said he frequented the store even with his wife of 17 years outside in the car.

He said his wife was not with him on the day in question. Salazar said he was in uniform and a constable's unit. According to his account, the victim set aside discounted supplements for him. Salazar said when he got the products, he left the store.

When he came to the store for another visit, he said the victim was shouting for him to leave the store.

Marvin: You were not going to the Vitamin Shoppe to be fresh, push up, connect with--have any kind of relation other than customer and salesperson with the alleged victim? 

Salazar: That's right. That's right. Ever, ever. And there was always there was more than one person there every time. She wasn't the only employee. So other people could see that. And I'm there. I'm--you know, they're never going to place me of just me and her. Ever, ever. 

But there came a San Antonio Police investigation. Salazar said he notified his superior.

Salazar was placed on paid administrative leave when he turned himself in for the indecent assault charge. Until the case gets resolved, he remains at home.

Marvin: I don't ask this in doubting in you...I'm asking you because it's my job. 

Salazar: Yes, that's right.

Marvin: You have to understand that people will ask the question why would she make up such an elaborate story, and why would she pick you? 

 Salazar: Hatred. Minority. She sees that I'm rising up. I'm doing very well for my community. In that time, I was on Facebook, very active. I've been a good steward of doing what I do, and I would say hatred. Just the hatred towards police, hatred towards men. Just the motive. Exactly the motive. But it comes down to motive. Knowingly, intentionally willingly or reckless? It was reckless. This lie was so reckless. She intentionally took me to the back, and she knew that all she had was her word. And she willingly did this.

According to the deputy constable, he is willing to take a lie detector test to prove his innocence.

"If I slobbered on your neck, why not call 911?" he said.

 Salazar said the past five months have been days of deep testing. A period, he said, that's fortifying his faith.

"This is where I realize am I going to stick this out from the start all the way through and through," he said.  

KENS 5 could not locate the victim for her account of the incident.