Members of an all-women billiard's group said they have found sisterhood through a common hobby.

The teammates are skilled, smart and know how to have fun.

Every Thursday, the women leave the kids, grandkids and husbands at home to go shoot pool.

“When I tell people I shoot pool, they automatically think I'm a hustler,” said Ruth Jones. “If people know me, they know that's not true.”

Jones is a member of the “Luck be a Lady" team. You guessed it, the group is made up of all women. They are members of the American Poolplayers Association. The APA has more than 300 pool teams of all kinds in San Antonio.

“The camaraderie and the friendships that you make are the big point of the league,” said league operator Scott Racy. “It's about coming out, having a great time and having friendly competition, but being able to compete at all different levels and abilities.”

Jones has been working on her skills for about eight years. Her goal is to earn a spot in one particularly lucrative tournament each year.

“The most rewarding part is being on teams that come together so that we can go to Vegas [for competition],” said Jones. “My ladies team went to Vegas two years ago, and that's a really big accomplishment.”

The women said their teammates and competitors alike have become like family by offering strength in tough times. Of course, they said they always have a good time.

The ladies leagues are always looking for more members. The APA yearly membership is $25, then about $5 the nights you participate.