Fiesta has lots of great events, but one of the best is the King William Fair parade.

It is free, family-centered and overflowing with whimsy.

While 45,000 people attend the fair every year, many die-hard fans show up early to get a prime seat for the 9 a.m. step-off of one of Fiesta’s more diverse parades.

Because the parade saunters down residential streets, seating is plentiful and most people bring their own camp chairs or snag a spot in an open driveway.

People say they are passionate about this neighborhood celebration because it is a throwback to a simpler time. It is one of the only parades in town where participants still give away swag to eager kids on the curbs.

Fair Manager Zet Baer, who presides over the controlled chaos with the perfect blend of organization and improvisation, said it’s the best.

“It’s the beautiful tree-lined streets, the historic homes and the family-friendly atmosphere and the river, it’s everything!” Baer said while riding in a convertible with her family and waving to the cheering throngs.

From the rumble of Bexar County Sheriff’s motorcycles at the start to the cadence of the drums, the parade and the fair, which are celebrating their golden anniversary, are one of a kind.

With a loud exclamation of “woohoo,” a clown riding a teeny bicycle said, “It's one of the best because we're all here together to have fun!”

A woman sporting a Cavaliers-style jacket and a brightly colored tutu gushed, “We get to be ourselves!"

"It's funky, wonderful, young and silly and it comes in front of my house," Attorney Anita Jane Anderson, who lives on the parade route said.

From the excitement of the Biohazard Brass Band to a spirited rendition of “Go Johnny Go!” by a ukulele band, the constant music was an all-out celebration of the rhythm of our lives.

"The community comes together and they're so loud and energetic and we're ready to go for the last few days of Fiesta,” the lead dancer of the Samba Vida dance group said.

KENS 5 meteorologist Paul Mireles said he is not sure this is the best event of Fiesta, but it is certainly the most interesting.

"You name it and you'll see it at this parade," Mireles said with a hearty laugh.