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Instead of tickets, one police department is taking a different approach at helping the community

The gift cards will not be given out for serious traffic violations or speeding.

SAN ANTONIO — Instead of a ticket, how about a gift card if you're pulled over? Windcrest Police Department is starting a new rewarding program.

It's a new partnership between Windcrest Police and Advance Auto Parts. This program has been used in other parts of the country, but it's a first in this community. Every police officer will be carrying the gift cards. But they won't be for people caught speeding or other more serious driving violations. It's for drivers who may have a burnt-out headlight, taillight, license plate light, or other minor repair issues. 

Officials said this program is not only to keep the community safe, but also to brighten someone's day.

Windcrest Police Chief Darrell Volz said this is a great project.

"Instead of making it a dark day for them, it is a little bit of light that comes to them. Because of the auto parts place."

Advance Auto Parts District Manager Jerry Betterton said: "They can turn that negative into a positive. When they pull someone over, that person is pretty tense thinking they are going to get a ticket, and then they are going to get a warning and a $25 gift card to get their vehicle fixed."

The police department has about $2,500 worth of gift cards to hand out. 

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