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Hundreds prayed and reflected on separation of immigrant families

The peaceful vigil was about prayer and reflection. All walks of life were united at Main Plaza.

On Sunday evening, hundreds packed Main Plaza to pray for the immigrant children who have been taken from their families while trying to cross the border.

Organizers of the 'Vigil for Humanity' said they feel a piece of our humanity was taken away with President's Trump's Zero Tolerance Policy, which led to the separation of more than 2,000 families.

The peaceful vigil was about prayer and reflection. All walks of life were united at the vigil. Willie May Clay said she couldn't miss it. "There are people who care about people," she said. "I feel when there is one person hurting, then I am hurting."

Several of the people that were there had signs with different messages. It is personal for Angie Khan, her husband, and their friends, the Hinojosas. "My heart cries out for these children who don't know where their moms or dads are," she said. "I have a grandchild, and I have children, and it just heartbreaking."

Jose Hinojosa and his family were born in Mexico. He said he became a U.S. citizen after serving in the Army. "But I am not an animal," he said. "I am not a criminal. I am not a rapist. The children who are coming here are not animals."

Despite President Trump saying he didn't like the sight or the feeling of families being separated, the people at the vigil say they will not be silent on this issue.

"I would like to see the children back with their parents," Hilda Hinojosa said. "And I would like to see this never happen again. This is America."

President Trump took to Twitter Sunday night and tweeted about border security.

"House Republicans could easily pass a Bill on Strong Border Security but remember, it still has to pass in the Senate, and for that we need 10 Democrat votes, and all they do is RESIST," Trump tweeted. "They want Open Borders and don't care about Crime! Need more Republicans to WIN in November!"

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