SAN ANTONIO— Genaro Montelongo is shopping for a new home in San Antonio, but says his last home experience prepared him for what comes next.

“I feel confident that I can maintain my home to a certain degree,” future homeowner, Genaro Montelongo said.

However, owner of HHI Home Inspections, JJ Henson says Genaro is one of the few.

“I had a long stretch of young homeowners young married couples, some millennials, and what they were doing we were going in for inspections and they were measuring for tiles to retile the floor. They were asking if these walls were load bearing. They wanted to tear down walls they wanted to do all this fun stuff they see DIY or on HGTV, and whenever I actually went to them and said make sure you have your service twice a year, or make sure you walk around you house once a year or twice a year they have no idea what I was talking about,” HHI Home Inspections, owner, JJ Henson said.

Leading to the creation of his how-to dvd, "Small Chapters to prevent BIG disasters".

The video highlights nine basic tasks homeowners can do regularly to prevent a major break.

That’s just one of several Henson outlines in the video.

Henson even offering prices for the fix compared to the thousands of dollars you could be throwing away if you are not taking these preventative measures.

“You can fix up the house as much as you want but if you don’t do these certain things then you are doing no good,” Henson said.

If you would like to know more about his how-to video or how you can get a copy follow the link below.