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'Hoodrats at Fiesta' skit goes viral

Credit: Bean & Chisme

San Antonio — ¿No tienes discount?

A San Antonio blog's video showcasing two hilarious characters taking on Fiesta has us cracking up.

Bean & Chisme's 'Hoodrats at Fiesta' skit released on Monday has over 127,000 views with 3,500 plus shares!

The video shows bloggers Samantha Najera and Nina Duran bargaining their way through Fiesta with their kids in one hand and a margarita in the other. The pair is on a mission for chicken on a stick.

Najera said the video was 100 percent adlibbed.

"None of our stuff is ever scripted. We dress up, we show up and we just start going,” Najera told KENS 5.

Najera even included her daughter in the video!

“My daughter was open to doing it and she’s only four. I couldn't find a babysitter that weekend,” Najera said.

Check out the hilarious video below! (Warning the video contains language some viewers may find offensive)

Najera said the pair was surprised by how fast the video blew up.

“We have done videos like this for years and we never know what’s going to hit and what’s not going to hit. I was really surprised!” Najera said.