Alumni from Holy Cross of San Antonio, a private school on the city's west side, are worried their alma mater will close down.

In an email obtained by KENS5, alumni raised concerns over the school budget's operational shortfall.

Only 400 students attend Holy Cross, which is a middle and high school.

Brother Stanley Culotta has been running the school for almost 60 years. He said that every year the school needs to raise around $300,000 in addition to the $8000 dollars in tuition they receive from most students every year.

"We didn't get some large donations like we were expecting," Culotta said.

This year he said the alumni started a 300 club, asking 300 former students to donate $1000 each to the school within the next month.

The plan would also ask them to make a commitment to donate that same amount for the next two years.

"I'm not worried about it because they will come through with what they say they're going to come through with," Culotta said.

In addition to the alumni donations, Culotta said they have a $50,000 endowment that they've been saving.

In the past, most of their donations have been through fundraisers and special events. They've never had to rely on alumni.

For now despite the alumni's concerns Culotta said the school is not in jeopardy of closing.