SAN ANTONIO — High School students who spent two years designing and building tiny houses are preparing to auction them off.

Three tiny homes sit in the parking lot behind Northside I.S.D.’s Construction Careers Academy.

They each have names: the Artisan’s Loft, the Abbey Road and the Tailgater.

The fully-functional tiny homes are ready for move-in.

“It’s really rewarding seeing it all come together,” said senior Construction Management student Alexis Chavez.

It took the students two years to design and build the structures.

They drilled every hole and drove every nail.

“We started this junior year, the design process and just seeing how everyone worked together to make it a final … is just amazing,” said senior Architect student Zachary Balderrama. “We put in so much work into all these projects and just to see it come to life and to see that people actually enjoy it is probably the best thing that comes out of all this.”

Balderrama is headed to UTSA in the fall and wants to be an Architect one day.

He’s already put his talent to use with this project.

“They also follow city code as they’re building the home and go through inspection process just like a real-world project,” said program coordinator Audrey Ethridge.

Two of the homes are going up for auction this weekend. The money raised will go to cover material costs for next year’s tiny homes. The tailgater will remain unsold and serve as a show house.

Bidders from out of state are expected to show up to the auction. Last year, tiny homes sold for around $55,000 each.

“I hope a lot of people fight for our house cause that’s really what you want to see,” said Chavez.

Thursday the school will hold an awards ceremony, bestowing “Best Design, Best Kitchen, Best Outdoor Living Space, and Best Overall,” to each of the homes.

A showcase is taking place on Saturday. The event is free and open to the public. Anyone is invited to take a tour of the tiny homes between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. The Artisan’s Loft and the Abbey Road homes will be auctioned off at 1 p.m.