What do you do, when you see red and blue in your rear view? It's a sight and sound that isn't so welcoming. 

"It's not a pleasant situation for anyone to get pulled over by police," SAPD Sgt. Michelle Ramos reiterated. 

"But we always ask for everyone to be careful and be mindful for your safety as well as the officers' safety." 

Now an iPhone shortcut made specifically for traffic stops is hoping to assure that. You can download the shortcut called 'Police' and it settings automatically begins a video recording once you alert Siri you've been stopped. 

The shortcut also allows you to text someone what's happening and the exact location of where you are. 

"If somebody feels the need to say, 'Hey Siri, record, I'm being pulled over'  more power to them," Ramos said. "Our officers have body-worn cameras they're recording the incident as well. So if they feel a sense of security of having that interaction recorded that's fine by us." 

But what if your concern is before the stop even takes place? 

Sometimes on a dark road, a driver may not be able to make out if the car is indeed law enforcement, if that's the case police say keep on going. 

"We understand those concerns," Ramos said. "You can always call the dispatcher and let them know, 'I’m being pulled over' see if that person is, in fact, a police officer." 

Since in the end, Ramos emphasized, everyone just wants to get home safely. 

In order to access this feature, you must first download the Shortcuts app on an iPhone. You then can access the 'Police' shortcut here.