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Harlandale High School student fears for her life after assault

The girl's mother said her daughter suffered a concussion in the incident.

SAN ANTONIO — A 9th grader and her family fear for their safety after the Harlandale High School student was jumped just minutes after the last bell rang.

Melissa Serna said when she was on her way to pick up her daughter from school, she got a text saying her daughter had been attacked.

"My thing was just going to the hospital to make sure my daughter was fine," Serna said. "Because she had suffered from a concussion, she passed out when she was getting the kicks and punches to her head."

Serna said surveillance and cell phone video captured the assault, showing two female students beating her daughter on school grounds while others watched. Serna said school staff was still on campus but claim they did not see the fight until the students fled.

"I mean every person, my family, that's seen the video has cried watching it," Serna said. "She had two teachers who cried with her."

The two students were suspended for three days, but are now back on campus. Serna said additional video surfacing on social media shows one of the students shooting a gun out of a moving car.

Serna said her daughter is still being bullied and taunted at school every day.

Harlandale ISD released this statement Wednesday regarding the incident:

"The Harlandale Police Department is investigating this incident and has filed charges with the District Attorney's office. The students will follow due process to the fullest extent of the law and will be disciplined according to the Harlandale ISD Student Code of Conduct and School Board Policy. The safety of our students is always our top priority and the Harlandale ISD takes all potential threats to students' safety very seriously."

What can a parent or student do after an assault or bullying incident has been reported? According to Harlandale ISD policy, victims of bullying can transfer to another campus in the District, and if a restraining order is filed, the district will accommodate all parties involved.

Serna said more has to be done to ensure her daughter's safety and hopes it doesn't happen to another student. She plans to file charges.

The district also released the following information for reporting an incident:

We also want to remind our students and parents that bullying can be reported through our online reporting tool 'Anonymous Alerts' found on our website; in writing; or verbally to any staff member by students, parents, staff members or any other person who feels they are being or have witnessed a bullying situation. All incidents of alleged bullying reported to campus personnel are taken seriously and addressed.

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