SAN ANTONIO — Rudy Juarez is the owner of F45 Training located on I-10 West near The Dominion. The “F” stands for functional training and the 45 stands for the total time of each class at the gym. 

Sherri Cox, a member at the gym, started going to the classes when it opened in December 2018. She shared how the classes have helped her begin her journey to a healthier lifestyle.

“I’ve tried over the years to get into something. I just couldn't believe how fun it was. It's constantly changing. You're so busy. You’re going station to station,” Cox said.

Juarez said one of the main reason’s why he opened the gym was to help everyday people and more military members achieve their fitness goals. He shared how his passion for working out has helped him through his own struggles. Several years ago, he got into an accident where an 18-wheeler crushed his left arm on a loading dock. He had to stop his bodybuilding career and started abusing painkillers. 

But Juarez said he found a new purpose once he began training with military members. He would help them pass their PT test. Juarez did not serve in the military, but traveled across the country with his wife, who served in the Air Force. Juarez recalled how that inspired him to push himself and end his drug addiction.

“I just made a decision. That's what it takes. You just have to make a decision. It's just like that in the fitness world,” he said. “I got myself back in the gym. Showing up at the base everyday, seeing our warriors in there, trying to better themselves... that motivated me,” he said.  

He shared with KENS 5 that his wife is one of the best examples of his training. Juarez said she scored no lower than 98 on her PT tests for 25 years in the military.

“He's bragging!" Brenda Juarez said with a laugh. "It was actually instrumental for him to be there for me whenever we had to do our annual fitness test."

Brenda said there are three components that the Air Force measures in the annual PT test. While she said people can hit 100, the test can prove to be difficult.

 “Your body composition, your height and your weight. Also, the aerobic part, which is the run and the muscular component of it, which is the push-ups and the sit-ups.”

Juarez said through his gym, he is now able to continue motivating military members in San Antonio and give back to veterans. He offers free classes to women veterans through the non-profit organization, Pink Berets.

“We have a couple of military members here. I do have an initiative to help out at Lackland, Fort Sam. That's something we're looking into. All military are welcome,” Juarez said.

There is an age limit to join the gym. The youngest age to join is 16 years old. Juarez said he has a member who’s 70 years old. For more information, click here.