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Grant money makes Magik Theatre more accessible

For 25 years, the family theatrical productions at the Magik Theatre for Kids have been fabulous. However, the historic building doesn't get the same rave reviews.

For 25 years, their family theatrical productions have been fabulous, but their historic building needs upgrades and repairs so that people at all ability levels will be able to enjoy the happy endings.

The Magik Theatre, on the grounds at Hemisfair downtown, has recently received grant funding to make these dreams come true.

Magik CEO Frank Villani said the money has come from at least five generous donors.

“We've raised over $250,000 from five donors; Nancy Smith Hurd, Impact San Antonio, the Greehey Family Foundation, the Pryor Trust and of course the City of San Antonio.”

Villani said the grant money will be used to make the building more accessible.

“We're going to put a cover outside on our ramp. We're going to level the floor. We're going to install new seats, upgrade the bathrooms and add wheelchair accessibility to the stage,” Villani said.

“Everybody has to be able to enjoy our productions. Magik says no child or family should be turned away. Sometimes people have not been able to enjoy what we have because they can't get around in this building. We're going to make this 1893 building a building that's ready for 2050,” Villani said.

Villani said people keep coming back because Magik is an enjoyable experience for all ages.

“Magik is fun. Magik is entertaining. Magik is educational. Magik is creative and Magik is magical!” Villani said.

Madagascar is the group’s current production, on stage through August 12.

Find out more about the organization at this link: http://www.magiktheatre.org/

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