SAN ANTONIO — This week, some students are learning an important lesson outside of the classroom - the importance of not procrastinating.

FAFSA submissions for four-year public schools in Texas are due Tuesday, and with the government shutdown, some students are experiencing difficulty with the process.

"Every student's worried when the government shuts down because they know where their money comes from. Students applying for the spring and they haven't completed the process - they may have some issues getting the application complete," explained Dr. Harold Whitis, a financial aid expert at San Antonio College.

Before students are given their money, the Department of Education selects 30-50 percent of FAFSA applications for verification. This is where some students are finding trouble.

"When you're selected [for verification], they're just making sure the information you're putting on your FAFSA is what the IRS said it was...some of the departments that are closed that are impacted are the social security and IRS," said Dr. Whitis.

Last Friday, the Department of Education introduced a workaround for these applicants.

"Since they can't do that right now because the IRS is shut down, the Department of Ed issued some guidance that said we can accept a copy signed by the student or parent if applicable, and that meets their requirements," he said.

The Alamo Colleges do not fall under the January 15th deadline for FAFSA applications because they are a two-year public school. However, Dr. Whitis says their students may experience difficulties. And for those students, the school has prepared a solution.

"We actually flag our system from keeping students from being dropped. So while they're in the process of completing the process, they'll be able to attend classes," he said.

Students who were receiving aid this school year will not be affected - their money from the government will carry over into 2019.