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'Reliable and resilient' | Gov. Abbott says power grid will meet demands of storm

Abbott said the state is ready for the demand of power due to the cold temperatures.

SAN ANTONIO — On Thursday, Governor Greg Abbott spoke about the state's response amid the winter storm that caused snow in some parts of the state and freezing rain in others. 

Abbott said the state is currently dealing with one of the most significant icing events that it has in several decades. 

Abbott said the power grid was performing very well as of Thursday morning. He said the power grid shows that there is plenty of power available for the next 24 hours. At the expected peak demand, he said there should be 10,000 megawatts at peak capacity, meaning there will be enough extra power for two million extra homes. 

"The Texas electric grid is the most reliable and resilient than it's ever been," Abbott said.

Even though there is enough power to meet the demand, Abbott said thousands are currently without power.

"The reason is because of issues with local power providers," Abbott said. "The most probable cause of a power outage right now around the state of Texas for anybody who's without power is either because of heavy winds affected lines, or more likely because of an icing condition."

Abbott suggested that if anyone is currently without power at this time, to call their local power provider or click here. However, CPS Energy said don't call them because they likely know and are working to restore it.

Abbott said in order to expedite the repair trucks needed to help restore power in Texas, he is issuing a proclamation that authorizes the Texas Department of Public Safety to waive some regulations that will allow the repair trucks to get into the state faster and easier. 

Additionally, to help local governments to rapidly respond with the tools and resources they need he is issuing a proclamation for all counties most heavily affected by the ice storm at this particular time. 

He said unlike last year, winterization has been required for more power generators which helps Texas be more better prepared. 

"As compared to last year, Texas has about 15% more power generation capacity, there's also more reserve power available than last year," Abbott said.

Abbott also said if weather limits the flow of natural gas, there are several days worth of natural gas in storage that can be used.

The Texas Department of Transportation said they are currently working to clear and de-ice the roads around the state.

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