It's been a high profile and hotly contested local race in this year's primaries - the fight for Bexar County District Attorney. On the Democratic side, Joe Gonzales unseated incumbent Nico LaHood. Tylden Shaeffer ran unopposed on the Republican ticket.

Gonzales won with 60% of the vote and said that he was even surprised by his margin of victory. The DA race was contentious, with mud-slinging advertisements from both candidates. Billionaire business tycoon George Soros contributed almost $1 million to the Joe Gonzales campaign.

"I understand that part of what happened was unhappiness with Mr. LaHood, but I hope that also part of it is that they recognize the value of bringing an experienced ex-prosecutor into the office," Gonzales said.

Up next, Gonzales will face criminal defense attorney Tylden Shaeffer, who ran uncontested on the Republican ticket. Both men have experience working as prosecutors in the District Attorney's office. Shaeffer says the campaign leading to the general election for the DA seat will be much more civil and that he's not intimidated by Gonzales' out-of-town ally.

"'I'm troubled that we have someone from the outside who has decided that he has a better idea on how to protect this community," said Shaeffer.

Gonzales says he doesn't know the extent of Soros' support moving forward, but he hasn't made any promises in exchange for the donations. Both men say it's their ideology that will differentiate them moving forward. Gonzales says he know there was a lot of negativity in the campaign, but he's hoping he can finally bury the hatchet with Nico LaHood.