At any given time, the U-S Army only has 7 four-star Generals. Richard Cavazos was the first Hispanic to reach that lofty rank.

Dozens went to Cavazos' funeral Tuesday morning at Ft. Sam Houston National Cemetery, including Vietnam veteran J.R. Garza.

"He was a very noble person," Garza said. "You could never tell he was a General until you saw the four stars there."

Cavazos died October 31 from a long illness. He was given full honors at his funeral. Cavazos served in the Korean and Vietnam wars. He earned the Distinguished Service Cross, given to those who display extraordinary heroism during wartime.

"He would get in the trenches with our soldiers," Garza said. "Generals typically sit and direct, this one was on the battlefield himself."

Cavazos was born in Kingsville and served in the Army for 33 years. He was the first Latino four-star General, paving the way for many Hispanics.

"He has a tremendous legacy in our United States Army for training great leaders," Garza said.