SAN ANTONIO — The Alamo Area Metropolitan Planning Organization wants to make sure everyone bicycling or riding a scooter on San Antonio streets is safe, so they're offering free "Street Skills" classes.

"How to avoid common crash scenarios both for bicyclists and if you're a scooterer, how to avoid it on the road," Alamo Area MPO Active Transportation Planner Lily Lowder said.

Right now, a lot more San Antonians commute to work by car, but the Alamo Area MPO would like to see that change.

"It's not very common- we know 80 percent of San Antonians drive by themselves to work, so we're trying to get more people to walk, bike, take public transportation or carpool," Lowder said.

But while they want more eco-friendly commuters, they don't want more accidents. Participants will receive a free helmet and light kit.

"Bicycles and scooters are great for first and last mile solutions," Lowder said. "Bike to the bus stop or scooter to and from work or park and take a bike or scooter to your next stop instead."

To learn more or sign up for a class, click here.