Whether it's a shooting, car crash or any other accident, would you know how to help victims who are severely bleeding?

University Hospital is offering free classes to prepare people. It's part of the 'Stop the Bleed Campaign' by the American College of Surgeons.

Dr. Donald Jenkins is one of the trauma surgeons who teaches the course. He is a retired Air Force trauma surgeon who led the Joint Trauma Theater Trauma System in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"There have been too many episodes of shootings and bombings and car crashes where people lose their life because they bleed to death. Many of those instances could be stopped if people had the proper knowledge," Jenkins said.

The class takes about an hour and reviews all of the basics, including the ABC's:

A - stands for alert 911,

B - is for finding the source of blood

C - is for compress. Apply pressure to stop the bleeding.

"If direct pressure doesn't stop the wound from bleeding, you would take the next step and insert some gauze. If that doesn't stop the bleeding, then you would resort to a tourniquet," Jenkins said. "If you don't have medical grade tourniquets or gauze, well, anything potentially could help in that situation.

KENS 5 talked to a participant who decided to bring her two daughters to get trained.

Participants who complete the course receive certification by the American College of Surgeons. For more information on how to sign up or set up a group class, click here.