Accusations of bullying, bias and the control of an out-of-state billionaire taint the 2018 primary election for the Bexar County Criminal District Attorney’s office.

The election is pitting two former law partners against each other.

Criminal District Attorney Nico LaHood is seeking re-election, but his former law partner Joe Gonzales wants to oust the incumbent.

Both campaigns have made extreme claims in hopes of gaining enough votes to make it to the general election in November.

“Calling me a racist and a bigot, that’s insane. Those are just flat out lies,” LaHood said.

“[They were] accusing me of representing people with some unsavory type of crimes, but I represent the idea that everyone is presumed innocent,” Gonzales said.

The two candidates have received a number of campaign donations, but Gonzales more than doubled LaHood’s contributions received.

Gonzales received more than $900,000 from liberal billionaire George Soros though the Texas Justice and Safety Political Action Committee, according to Gonzales’s campaign manager.

“It should be alarming to the citizens of Bexar County that the DA candidate with a million dollars from New York could lie themselves into office,” LaHood said.

But Gonzales argues that Soros identified him as the ‘true Democrat.’

“Mr. Soros and his group have never expected any commitment from me,” Gonzales said. “All they want is to have a fair prosecutor."

Despite their differences, both hope to execute their agenda if elected.

“I’m running for re-election because we haven’t finished all the good work that we started,” LaHood said. “We are very proud of our report card, all the work we’ve done - from the child abuse unit to the domestic task force.”

Gonzales wants to focus his platform on violent crimes and help people who get tangled in the justice system turn their lives around.

The winner of the primary election will run against Republican Tylden Shaeffer in the November 6 general election this year.