The Bexar County Sheriff's Office is talking publicly about a deputy accused of allowing inmates to beat each other up behind bars.

Detention Deputy Raul Gonzales was fired following an internal investigation, but he's not the only employee accused of behaving badly.

Just ask Deputy Chief Harry Jimenez, who isn't making many friends as the head of the new Bexar County Sheriff's Office Public Integrity Unit.

"I love our brothers and sisters in law enforcement, but at the same time our oath to serve and protect extends to those inmates," Jimenez said.

His team of investigators reviews complaints involving Bexar County employees that could result in criminal charges.

"If you have statements from a peace officer and an inmate, of course, the perception is we need to trust the peace officer. In our situation, public integrity, we're neutral," Jimenez said.

The case alleging detention deputy Raul Gonzales orchestrated fights among inmates and failed to get an injured inmate help resulted in Gonzales being fired.

The investigation was prompted by KENS 5.

"Back in April when you actually reached out to the sheriff and this was one of the first cases I was provided, a lead to follow, we conducted the investigation we conducted our due diligence," Jimenez said.

But eight months later, criminal charges are still pending against Gonzales.

BCSO wrapped up its investigation in August and sent it to the Bexar County District Attorney's Office.

Jimenez told KENS 5 a handful of similar cases have also yet to go before a grand jury.

A spokesperson for the District Attorney was unable to tell us why.

Jimenez says that won't stop his team from pressing forward.

"If there is a claim that there is a violation of law, we're going to investigate," said Jimenez.