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Fight breaks out on Southwest Airlines flight from Dallas to Phoenix

The incident was captured on video by another passenger.

DALLAS — A fight broke out on a Southwest Airlines flight out of Dallas on Monday, and the incident was captured on video.

In a statement to WFAA, the airline acknowledged that the incident occurred on a flight from Dallas to Phoenix, Arizona.

Video taken by a passenger showed an altercation between two men, with other passengers attempting to separate the two.

In another video, one of the men tries to explain what caused the incident.

"I'm telling everybody what happened. He approached me aggressively with my family. Don't play with my family," the man said. 

"Tell them what happened, tell them what you did," the same man said while pointing at the other.

Witnesses said both men were taken off the plane.

While Southwest did not elaborate on what happened, the airline praised its flight crew for how the incident was handled.

"We commend [the flight crew] for managing the situation and ensuring the Safety and Comfort of the other Passengers in the cabin," the airline said in a statement.

The flight was able to arrive at its destination on time, according to the airline.

This is the second incident caught on camera on a Southwest Airlines flight in two days.

On Sunday, passengers on a flight from Havana, Cuba, to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, were forced to evacuate the plane after smoke filled the cabin.

The airline said the plane "experienced bird strikes to an engine and the aircraft's nose" shortly after takeoff. Video posted on social media showed smoke inside the cabin while passengers were inside.

The flight returned to Havana and passengers evacuated using an inflatable slide.

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