SAN ANTONIO - Fiesta is less than three months away and while the giant city-wide party is all about fun, it takes year-round work to make it happen.

Deep in the recesses of giant warehouses near downtown, volunteers from the San Antonio Conservation Society are already hard at work getting ready for one of the city’s biggest celebrations.

This year, Night in Old San Antonio runs from April 25 thru April 28.

Before the crowds can come flooding through the gates of La Villita, all the booths, props, and supplies for the event are spruced up so they will look fresh and inviting.

Saturday, several dozen hard-working volunteers donned plastic trash bags and got serious about the job of painting anything that needed a new look.

Long-time volunteer Rose Moran said she designed the trash bag look as a matter of necessity.

"We want NIOSA to look great so in order for it to look great I had to design this outfit so my people could come work," Moran said.

They call it a painting party but much more happens inside the 262,000 cubic feet of storage space.

NIOSA Chairman Patti Zaiontz said she has been involved for more than 40 years because it is a powerful way to protect and preserve what she holds most dear.

“I love it. I love NIOSA. There is no place that you can walk around this town, in the 36-square miles of downtown San Antonio that you don't see the influence of the organization,” Zaiontz said.

In addition to educating school children about community history, Zaiontz said a lot of precious landmarks in San Antonio are still viable because of support from the organization.

“The society has touched many, many buildings, structures in downtown San Antonio and beyond,” Zaiontz said. “The money that we raise at Night in Old San Antonio contributes to the preservation of those structures, and the cultural aspect as well.”

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