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Families stuck at home for the holidays take decorating to the next level

Many people are determined to go all-out and make this the most festive holiday season ever!
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SAN ANTONIO — The pandemic could make us all Grinches, but instead, it has fired up local homeowners to go "COVID crazy" with new holiday decoration trends sweeping our area and the nation.  No ‘bah-humbug’ here.

Many are determined to go all-out and make this the most festive holiday season ever!

The local organization pros at UNITS Moving and Portable Storage in San Antonio want to help to help families store and protect their new 2020 holiday treasures so they created the 12 Days of Holiday Organizing Tips.

COVID CHRISTMAS 2020 Holiday Decorating Trends!

Yuletide Yards – We’ll see more LAVISH lawn decorations than ever before because the front yard has become the new (socially distant) gathering place. Remember National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation movie? Think Clark Griswold on steroids!  A recent survey by UNITS, reveals 67% of people feel they don’t have enough holiday decorations and plan to pile on more.

Early Elves! – Sorry Thanksgiving. Right NOW families everywhere are putting up lights and holiday decorations to spread cheer earlier than ever -to ease the emotional toll the pandemic has brought.  In our survey , 62% percent say they good with starting to decorate NOW! ( I have a handful of friends that already put their tree up!)

Winter Wonderlands – Fewer people are taking their kids to the mall to snap a photo with Santa, so families are creating their own Home Holiday Photo Backdrop  holiday scene at home. These are wonderful for family photos and even for virtual backdrops when sharing holiday greetings with family and friends.

DIY 2020 Christmas Decorations – We’ll have a sense of humor so expect some whacky decorations remembering 2020! Think tree ornaments celebrating toilet paper, masks or even yardsticks to remind us we had to stay six feet apart.

Focus on Family – We’ll spend more time than ever handmaking decorations like popcorn garland or gingerbread cookie houses.  Also expect more cooking, baking, sculpting and hand-made gifts. 73% in the survey say their kids are involved with decorating.

12 Days of Holiday Organizing Tips - Tips for keeping holiday decorating carefree and clutter-free

Declutter decorations – First things first: go through your decorations and toss whatever you don’t want to keep. This way, you’ll have time to assess what you need (want) to buy new this year.

Donate decorations – If you didn’t use it last year, you don’t need it this year. Donate unopened or slightly used decorations.

Scrap fake tree for real – If you must have a tree, go real and you won’t have to worry about storing the fake one anywhere.

Decorate with sweets – Fill jars with candy and set them around the house. Eat up or give it away — you won’t have to store anything for next year!

Collect Christmas cards – Keep Christmas cards organized by punching a hole in them and linking them together with a book ring. You could also put them in a binder or a scrapbook to keep on your coffee table for holiday visitors!

Keep the original packaging – Why waste money and time getting special boxes or containers for ornaments when they already come in one?

Egg cartons – If you no longer have the original packaging, egg cartons can be used to store smaller ornaments. You can also keep larger ornaments in plastic cups.

Wrap (don’t tangle) lights – Wrap lights around clothes hangers or pieces of cardboard to keep them from getting tangled, then put them in a bin easily for next year.

Separate and stash – Organize your decorations by holiday, and keep the decorations you use the most easily accessible. Keep birthday decorations and anything you can use throughout the year at the front of the pile. Decorations for specific holidays can go in the back or in a storage unit.

Clear garment bags – Use clear garment bags to store larger holiday decorations, like wreaths or artificial trees. Hang the items and the bags on storage hooks or hangers in your garage or storage unit. This helps them keep their shape and remain dust-free at the same time.

Get creative – Store your ornament hooks, ribbons, and decorating knickknacks in mason jars. They look charming on shelves, and they keep fragile items safe while inside storage containers.

Label containers – Even if you use clear, plastic storage bins to tuck away your decorations, labels will help you identify what’s inside them. Separate bins by holiday and stick a label on each bin noting what’s inside.

As a portable storage company, UNITS brings the container to you and set it in a convenient, ground-level location so you can load stuff at your own pace. Once the container is ready to go, we move the container to store it in our climate-controlled warehouse or move it to your new home, so you can unload it yourself.