The Any Baby Can's Center for Infant and Child Loss honored the memory of children through a walk and candle light ceremony. There were about 45 candles that each represented a young life that was taken too soon. Michelle Ramirez with the organization said grief is very powerful and painful, but she said it can still be special.

"And we love them forever," she said.

One of the candles was for Milah Eviana Ruiz. Her parents, Robert Ruiz and Kristine Martinez, did not want to miss the special memorial. When Martinez was pregnant with Milah, it didn't look good.

Doctors told her that the baby wasn't going to make it, but through an emergency c-section, she gave birth to her little girl.

"She was about the size of your hand," she said.

However, Milah's complications got worse.

"The fact her heart had grown to big for her body, it was a fight," Martinez said. "Because she would have her good days and her bad days."

The family spent all the time they could with their little girl. Milah died in her father's arms seven days after she was born.

"It has been difficult, but we have a four-year-old that gets us through it," Ruiz said.

The family didn't want to miss the memorial. The Any Baby Can organization helps families like Milah's with financial and emotional support. It is all about their healing journey.

"It is a forever loss, because your child should always be here and outlive you," Ramirez said. "Every day is a loss. We want to try and make that coping with a loss a little easier."

Kristine and Robert said each day gets harder, but they are living life for their little Milah. They have a four-year-old who carries her spirit.

"She keeps her memory alive more than anything," she said. "She talks about her, and asks about her. She has hope that one day we will see her again in heaven."