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'We're bringing it to Texas' | Soda shop opening at The Shops at La Cantera

Mothers came together wanting to build a family fun experience making sodas and snacks

TEXAS, USA — Syrup, soda and stir. 

There's a mobile drink, food shop that serves specialty sodas. It's called Stir Soda Shoppe. 

It opened in November and they’re already opening a brick-and-mortar location at The Shops at La Cantera in June.

"We do flavored sodas, and up north, they're on every corner like Starbucks. But Texas doesn't know soda yet, so we're bringing it to Texas," said Stir Soda's Melissa Schulz.

Mothers came together wanting to build a family fun experience making sodas and snacks. It can be for the kiddos who just got out of school, and it can be for the parent who needs a little pick-me-up.

"It was just about having a family experience -- where families can go that's different or new, where they can bond a little bit together, get a good treat and it's something that they'll remember," said Schulz.

Something also memorable about their business is that each soda on the menu is characterized by personalities, with backstories and everything.

"The Trendy Tina is our Cherry Vanilla Coke. She never leaves the house without earrings on and she shows her outfit of the day on Instagram," said Schulz. "Workout Wendy is our Diet Coke Drink. Of course, sugar free goes in that, because if you just worked out, why spend your calories on soda even when you want a treat?"

Ask a KENS 5 journalist which soda fits them, and they'll probably say the Lightning Lizzy -- a soda made with Mountain Dew for someone who is constantly on the go. 

And it’s safe to say, Schulz can relate to being busy, as she’s helped turn a concept into a reality.

"I'm a single mom of four kids and I live in a small town. But, great ideas come from anywhere, and really just working hard to show women and my children that if you have a great idea, you can put the steps in place, piece by piece, and really go for it. Don’t wait," said Schulz. 

And if you want to be a part of the team, she said they’re hiring. They need people for the mobile unit and La Cantera location.

"We're also looking for a great social media expert. Somebody that can take our drinks and our vision and bring them to life online," said Schulz. 

And as for those who have a dream they want to see become reality, she said, "It's important to prioritize the things that make you feel strong and that make you feel powerful, that make you feel smart, and really take hold of those things. There's nothing that we can't do if we just step by step, piece by piece, put that together."

For more information about Stir Soda Shoppe, click here.

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