SAN ANTONIO — “There are good things happening on the East side,” said Pastor Ray Torres, founder of Power Up Sports League. “There’s more going on than just, ‘Shots fired’ and, ‘He did this,’ and, ‘She did that.’”

The league was created and launched in early June by Torres and his son, Tim, allowing kids between the ages of 13 and 17 to enjoy basketball, cheerleading, soccer and baseball in the fall. 

Torres said he hopes to impact the future of the city’s east side by instilling leadership values into the children of his community now.

“A lot of these kids are already coming with aggression,” he said. “They have a lot of aggression, and we can teach them another way, a positive way making them the leaders that they need to become.”

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There is a fee of $12.50 per participant that covers the cost of the team shirt and the end-of-year trophy. Torres told KENS 5 no child will be turned away if they cannot afford it. 

The coaches even adjusted the rules to some of the sports so youth with special needs can participate as well.

“We’re going to make it so everyone can play, and everyone can have fun,” Torres said.

The program is funded by an adult co-ed softball team organized by parents and volunteers from Sold Out Believers Church. Torres said he was excited to see parents stepping out of their comfort zones to support the mission of the youth program. 

Power Up Sports League practices and competes at Copernicus Park on Lord Rd. For more information, contact Torres at (210)480-3743.