SAN ANTONIO — Stephanie Crane couldn't be more proud of being the owner and face of her new business, 4 Leaf Coffee, but she's just as excited about being a college student.

Crane is in her third semester at Palo Alto College, enrolled in Project Access - a one-of-a-kind program in San Antonio.

The program allows people with intellectual disabilities, like Crane, to receive a General Office Level 1 Certificate.

Cindy Morgan with Palo Alto College is happy to give students with disabilities a chance to try college. "A lot of students come in with varying disabilities and want to try out college," Morgan says. "And some make it, and some don't."

"These are actual college credit courses they are earning."

Crane's classmate, Seth Walton says his options for higher education were limited after high school. He's hoping Project Access will give him access to better-paying jobs.

"People with disabilities need to be given a chance," Walton says. "They can do more than just minimal jobs; they can do high-profile jobs such as working in government agencies and in state and federal agencies."

Crane is on track to graduate in December. With her business venture, her family is hoping 4 Leaf Coffee will be successful.

Crane says she hopes to hire others with disabilities. "My dream is to open my business like now, and helping out people with whatever they need help with," Crane says.