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Rattlesnake corndog 😲 Check out the food at the San Antonio Rodeo | Everything 210

You can absolutely believe Eyewitness News Reporter Lexi Hazlett tried the rattlesnake corndog. Her reaction is priceless.

SAN ANTONIO — When you come to the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo, you have to come hungry. And of course, being a Texas Rodeo, you have to have some Texas brisket.

We met local vendors serving exactly that! But, we also met some who traveled across the country to serve the Alamo City, with options ranging from seasoned noodles to cotton candy ice cream.

But, the first stop took us to a northern Iowa business known for their rattlesnake corndog. Yes, you read that right; snake!

Credit: KENS 5

"As far as we know, we’re the only company in the country that makes a rattlesnake sausage and then turns it into a corndog. Our rattlesnake that we serve is wild-caught in West Texas," said Pioneer Wagon's Chris Taylor.

The corndog even comes with venom sauce! But don't worry, it's actually an avocado salsa.

And like we mentioned before, Texas brisket. And it doesn't get better than brisket nachos.

Credit: KENS 5

"We are selling fajita tacos, chicken tacos, baked potatoes, nachos. And all of the money that we raise goes straight into the scholarship fund for kids," said Chairman for Fajita Corral Shannon Galloway.

We also found a Wisconsin business with some tasty stir fry that has 21 vegetables loaded inside. Who said you can't have some healthier options on the grounds, right?

Credit: KENS 5

"We serve it with or without Teriyaki chicken. They can actually see our cook make it and then we serve it as fresh as we can," said Island Noodles' Monica Jensen.

The food didn't stop there. We had burgers from Big G's Food Service, chicken and waffle on a stick from Waffle Chix and pineapple whip from Deb's Pineapple Whip. They told us their sweet treat has no fat, no cholesterol, no dairy products, and has been a fan favorite in the Tulsa State Fair since 1947.

Credit: KENS 5

We also met with Smashin Crab, who served on the San Antonio Rodeo grounds for the first time.

"San Antonio has been amazing. We have such a huge following. They’re so loyal to us," said co-owner Pablo Felix. "We are at the Rodeo, so we have to have turkey leg dipped in boudin gravy, and one of our staples, which is our chargrilled oysters."

Credit: KENS 5

There were so many options, it would take several hours to cover each one. But hey, that's one of the best parts about the Rodeo -- the options!

For more info about each place mentioned, check out their social media pages here:

"Come on out and see us and try some of our food," said Big G's Food Service's Gary Morris.

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