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Pick your own Zinnias, Sunflowers 🌻 George Farms in Poteet holds fun, outdoor events

From pumpkin picking to wine tasting and local vendors to tractor rides, we visited George Farms in Poteet.

POTEET, Texas — You know the phrase "stop and smell the roses?" Well, at George Farms, it's stop and smell the zinnias and sunflowers they have in bloom.

The farm is 60 acres of land, ready to welcome those in the San Antonio area, and beyond. People have traveled across the country to experience the farm, owned by Jennifer and James George.

"Me and my husband talked about it -- opening up our farm to the public, and creating these little events for the public, so they can come out and enjoy the safe environment, and bring out their families and create something unique," said Jennifer.

Events vary by month and time of year, but they’ve had strawberry picking, fishing, wine tasting and local venues like The Backyard Kitchen serve meals, all while inviting local businesses to sell their products. Because they told KENS 5, this is a place for locals to help locals.

"It's pretty awesome to work with them and do things together for people to come out and enjoy themselves and enjoy the farm," said James.

They really started making these events happen after their son, Billy, was diagnosed with type one diabetes.

"We made this actually our full time job so we can be here with him. And because he does need 24-hour care," said Jennifer. "We appreciate all the support because we are able to stay home with our children, and with Billy, and take care of him instead of having to hire out somebody and do it for us."

And one of their events happening May 1 between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. is getting a lot of buzz on social media. They've also extended that event to take place Sunday, May 2, between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. due to the potential rain.

"Pick your own Giant Zinnias and sunflowers. And if we do have strawberries left, we will let y'all pick those," said Jennifer. "It's nice to have a slow pace, down country, you know, fun time out here. And it's a beautiful environment. You see nature."

Another big event they told us to expect later this year, pumpkin picking straight from the vine. Last year, they planted 6,000 seeds, but all of the pumpkins were picked the first day. So, they're planing 20,000 seeds this year!

And it's an experience they say everyone can enjoy.

"We've had couples come out here and pick strawberries because that's what they wanted to do before, you know, they couldn't do it anymore. And it just really warms my heart," said Jennifer.

James said, "We try to do stuff that's affordable for family. We're not looking to be rich or greedy. We're not like that. We just want everybody to enjoy themselves in an affordable place. So, that's our main thing."

To see a list of events and previous events they've held, click here. You can also see which vendors will be at the upcoming event planned for Saturday.

"George’s Farms here -- we want to create memories," said Jennifer.