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Looking to picnic in luxury? San Antonio business sets up picnics in iconic areas, or homes

It's a business launched by a UTSA student who wanted to introduce the concepts of "luxury picnics" to the Alamo City.

SAN ANTONIO — There’s a local business that sets up an entire picnic for you, either at your home, or in iconic San Antonio places.

And it’s definitely not your average picnic. No literally, that’s the name of the business -- Not Your Average Picnic.

It was started by UTSA junior Tayde Lomelin She’s majoring in architecture and minoring in marketing, so it's safe to say she has an eye for design.

"For my birthday, I wanted to do a picnic set up, but I couldn't find anyone who could do the set up that I wanted. So, I bought everything myself. And then I thought, this is such a great business opportunity," said Lomelin. 

She launched that business from Instagram. People took notice of her setups, and now she’s getting thousands of views and hundreds of followers.

"I love it. I just to grow, and hopefully when I graduate, this can be super big," said Lomelin.

Luxury picnics are a huge trend across the country, but Lomelin is one of the first to bring it to the Alamo City, setting up an actual table, centerpiece and cushions in places like Denman Estate Park.

"San Antonio is so beautiful. I love to feature a lot of places, so to have a picnic with someone that you love in a place so pretty like this, it's really great. It has a lot of opportunity to do," said Lomelin. 

She’s catered to people of all ages, but one couple in particular really stood out.

"It was my first movie night set up, and it was an anniversary, so they kept sending me videos. They chose to put their wedding night video, and it was just super cute, and they were super happy," said Lomelin. 

And she told us she wants to help other local businesses. 

When a client is looking for food and drink options to bring to their picnics, she gives them a list of local places they can check out, like Berry Yummy Sweets.

"We’re all about locals helping locals, so you know, it's just about small communities that help each other," said Lomelin. 

For more info about Not Your Average Picnic, click here. And for other fun stories in the Alamo City, click here.

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