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Looking for your next favorite winter drink? Check out Tasty Aguas Frescas | Everything 210

"We make everything from scratch."

SAN ANTONIO — Family recipes go into making tasty aguas frescas. Literally, that's the name of one San Antonio business -- Tasty Aguas Frescas.

"We make everything from scratch. We use a lot of the same recipes that my grandmother used. My fiancé, he's from Puerto Rico. So he's brought in a lot of some of the cultural flavors and recipes that his family's introduced him to," said Owner/Operator of Tasty Aguas Frescas Johnny Rivers. 

And the business started in the pandemic. They're located on 10646 Gulfdale Street suite 2.

"We were thinking about ways that we could be creative and use some of our talents," said Rivers.

And they delivered.

Within months of opening, business was booming. And they've worked with other locals, letting them advertise their products in their store.

"When we started selling our aguas frescas, we were thrusted into this small community of other small businesses, and a lot of them are just young go-getters like ourselves," said Rivers.

That has earned them thousands of followers on social media. And if you're looking for a drink to match the season, well, they've got something tasty.

The Peppermint

Credit: KENS 5

"I just think about like peppermint bark and it's refreshing and it tastes amazing. So, we decided to mix that in with our horchata. We put a lot of peppermint in there to give it some really, really good flavor. And once we blend it all together, it comes out pink and it tastes incredible," said Rivers.

The Snickers

Credit: KENS 5

"My personal favorite...we mixed in the horchata and our horchata is made with Mexican vanilla to be specific, because that's what gives it a really specific flavor," said Rivers. "Cinnamon, condensed milk. And then we throw in some delicious Snickers in there. You just get like a Snickers ice cream bar kind of drink."

The Oreo

Credit: KENS 5

"Lots of delicious Oreo cookie in there. Mix it all together, blend it nice. It just washes down with some horchata," said Rivers.

They use a special pouch and mini gallon packing so it can stay good for days. And as for serving the 210, Rivers said this city is as good as it gets.

"San Antonio is so amazing. This is a foodie city.," said Rivers. "We've been so fortunate that the people that are coming in contact with our product and our business are loving and appreciative and excited about what we have."

If you want to order some of their drinks, click here.

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