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Preparing to picnic in San Antonio? Here are a few parks you can visit

Grab your athletic shoes and your water bottle; we're hitting the park!

SAN ANTONIO — If you’re looking for a park where you can run, have a picnic or play a little ball, we have a few places in mind.

We visited three parks on the city’s west side to see what each spot is all about.

1. Culebra Creek Park (10919 Westward Loop)

Credit: KENS 5

With roughly 145 acres, if you’re looking for a spot to hang out with family and friends, especially if you like to picnic, you might like this place.

Many come out to get a workout in, whether that’s biking or playing in the fields. It's an easy trip to make to enjoy your stroll through nature.

2. Heritage Duck Pond Park (900 South Ellison Drive)

Credit: KENS 5

If you’re looking for an outdoor area surrounded by trees, water and ducks, you might like this park.

But let it be known these ducks are the kings and queens of this spot. And yes, you might even have a ducklings sighting too!

Walking over to the huge pond, skateboarding on half pipes and using workout equipment, staying active here isn’t too difficult.

3. Tom Slick Park (7400 Texas 151 Access Road)

Credit: KENS 5

With  seven miles of trails, a ton of spaces to play, a dog park and of course the water, you can add this park to your list.

This place really was "slick" with all the fun outdoor activities. And saying it’s dog friendly is an understatement. They were everywhere.

You can grab a ball and play some sports here or just unwind. 

For more information on the City's parks and trails, click here.

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